Meet 8Hertz...

"Pursuing a music career has always been my passion, my dream, and I really couldn't imagine not chasing that dream." 

8Hertz is a midwest DJ, producer, vocalist, and event host based out of Madison, WI. Opening for such artists as Khiva, Ternion Sound, Whipped Cream, Phase One, Blunts & Blondes, DMVU, Jantsen, GG Magree, Al Ross, and Lucii, 8Hertz has shared the stage with some of the best, always bringing her eccentric and exciting energy to every show.  



8Hertz has self-released a couple of her own tracks on Soundcloud, including "Acid Test" - a deep dubstep track, and "Spirit Molecule" - an experimental bass track - but has decided to take a break from releasing to perfect her production craft. 


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